Wednesday, January 10, 2018

AUDITIONS: Main Street Theater Works - Jan 28 & 29

AUDITIONS! Main Street Theatre Works is holding auditions for their 2018 Summer Season at the Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre ~ MAMA WON'T FLY and ESCANABA IN 'DA MOONLIGHT. Get paid to play with us at this beautiful outdoor venue. Rehearsals in Sacramento until tech week.
Date: January 28th and 29th, 2018
Time: 7 - pm
Place: Three Penny Theatre in the 25th & R Complex, SACRAMENTO.

Cold reads from the scripts.
MAMA WON'T FLY, by Jones, Hope & Wooten 
Directed by Allen Pontes
Runs Fri & Sat, 6/22 - 7/21
From the same people who brought you Doublewide, Texas,"
this ferociously funny, family-friendly comedy will have you
laughing your way across country.
Savannah's brother is getting married in four days and she's trying to get Mama to the wedding ~ from Alabama to California. But things get complicated when Mama won't fly...
All parts available
• 2 men ~ 35 - 50, and 50 - 60s (multiple characters)
• 6 women ~ 30s - 60s (3 of the parts are multiple characters)
For a copy of the script, contact Allen Pontes at
Directed by Julie Anchor
Runs Fri & Sat, 8/10 - 9/8
The Soady clan reunites at their cabin for Opening Day of deer season. Eldest brother, Rueben, has never brought home a deer, and if he doesn't this year, he'll be the oldest Soady to never "bag a buck." But Rueben's brought more than ammo with him this year. . .
This hilarious and heartfelt tale spins out of control as Rueben goes to any and all lengths to remove himself from the wrong end of the Soady family record book.
Parts available:
Albert Soady ~ 60s
Remnar Soady ~ 30s
Jimmer ~ age open
Ranger Tom ~ 30s - 40s
The parts of Rueben Soady and Wolf Moon Dance have been pre-cast.
For a copy of the script, contact Julie Anchor at

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