Monday, June 19, 2017

Opens this Friday! Grab your stetson and join MSTW for a hilarious Southern Comedy, "Doublewide Texas"

OPENING WEEKEND June 23rd! Grab your Stetson and come on over to DOUBLEWIDE, TEXAS, where life is double the fun, and you’ll double over with laughter! 

Come see why Big Ethel (Georgann Wallace) is in a bunny costume!

Grab your Stetson and head on over to


June 23 – July 22
Kicking off MSTW’s Summer Season is the hilarious and fast-paced
comedy, Doublewide, Texas.

The inhabitants of one of the smallest trailer parks in Texas—
four doublewides and a shed—are thrown for a loop when they realize
the nearby town of Tugaloo is determined to annex them.
And it’s not as if they don’t already have enough to deal with...
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Doublewide, Texas runs Friday & Saturday, 6/23 -7/22

 August 11th - Sept 9th   Arthur Miller's The Crucible Directed by Susan McCandless

Salem, Massachusetts, 1692:  When the girls of this small, devout town, under the malign spell of their ringleader Abigail Williams, accuse countless decent people of witchcraft, fear, anger and injustice rip apart the village. Only gradually does it become clear that Abigail has her own motives for revenge. Arthur Miller’s explosive account of the famous Salem witch trials caused a sensation with its parallels to the Communist scares of the 1950s, and remains one of his most enduring classics. It has the intensity of a thriller, but is also a cautionary tale of religious fundamentalism.

The Crucible runs Friday & Saturday, 8/11 - 9/9

Location for the Summer Season:

The Kennedy Mine Amphitheatre
1127 N. Main Street, Jackson

Patrons are encouraged to come early with picnics,
chairs,  jackets, and bug spray.

Summer Season Tickets
available at these locations:

Online at

Hein & Company
204 Main St. | Jackson, CA

For more information, please visit our website at

No Cash Refunds
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