Friday, August 10, 2012

HELP WANTED at the Jug Band Festival's Kids Workshop

Dear friends of good time music,

We have featured instrument making workshops for kids at the Jug Band Festival in Sutter Creek, where kids make kazoos, shakers, etc, and do a little warm up and then join some of the jug bands on stage. Unfortunately our usual teachers have had to cancel at the last minute and the festival is coming right up on Saturday the 18th, 11am to 9pm at the Sutter Creek Inn, Main Street Sutter Creek. Sue Slivak suggested several who might be able to help us out, but they weren't available and they suggested I send out an SOS on Loraine Davis' network. So, could you, whoever you might be, do it and would you have materials at hand? If not, we would defray any costs for materials that you might need to get.

Sorry for the extremely last minute notice, but anyone who can help out will be greatly appreciated - plus, in all honesty, it is a heck of a lot fun. If you can, or know of anyone else you think of could, help please contact me at 267 5967 or the above email.

Andy Fahrenwald

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